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A splash of vanilla
I am a simple person... Therefore, my blog is simply everything I enjoy in my current life.

My new Bella clutch from Fossil. #PicFrame #yellow #fossil #clutch (Taken with instagram)

Instagram, PicFrame, & LabelBox

I am sorry for the picture overload of myself. I am not the ideal model for pictures, but I stumbled upon Instagram which lead me to PicFrame, and finally LabelBox. It started one day when I was playing around on Tumblr and I realized that so many of you have such amazing pictures. Right beside those awesome pictures was this cute little link that stated, “taken by Instagram”. In the beginning I thought nothing of it because I didn’t have the time and I thought my iPhone 3GS wasn’t capable of handling it. A few weeks later I came across another awesome picture and but, of course, it was taken by someone uber hot. It was another Instagram photo. At this moment I thought since I have a Tumblr it would just make more since to try it out before knocking it. Well, I joined a few days ago and I have been hooked ever since. 

As I began the journey through this new community I realize that many pictures were altered and had funky labels on them. I found them to be particularly radical and thought I had to try to mimic this new trend. It took me from Monday until the wee hours of this morning to find all three applications, but I managed to find PicFrame (which is about a dollar on iTunes and LabelBox which is FREE) and my pictures that are being taken by not such an amazing camera suddenly look outrageous. I even took a picture inspired by Rodrick from the movie DOWK(Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules). I just love his facial expressions and his need to wear eyeliner to pass off being cool. The days of being young, foolish, and not giving a damn. 

I have work tomorrow O.o’ I mean it isn’t a bummer, but it does feel awkward to have so many days off and then to suddenly have to return. I should get used to it I suppose. 

I know I haven’t quite discussed what is going on with moving. We are moving into the house I wasn’t too fond of. It makes sense because… 

  1. it is twenty minutes away from my job.
  2. it is about five minutes from the PATCO which is needed for my husband’s job
  3. we are a little further from our friends and Wegman’s, but it feels good to be further away from traffic. 
  4. the landlord did take the property off the market so it could be rented and the Realtor made it quite clear that it would be difficult to find another property with our specifications. 
  5. it is only for a year and we all know how fast a year comes and goes. 

I can make it work for a year and I really need to stop being so picky and spoiled. It’s not the end of the world and for a couple that has no contact with family members or any financial help, we are doing well. I am going to be thankful and ride this out. As for my electric drier, there is a clause where I can hook it up and no one will suffer or know any differently as long as I put it back the way it was prior to us moving in. So I am okay -sigh-. Now if this house is in any way haunted, has bugs (BED BUGS…), and anything freaky going on with it, those are grounds for termination and I will just say FUCK IT. As of right now I am peachy keen as a peach pecan pie, folks. :)

We have started the process of buying furniture and it is kind of grueling because we (husband and I) are victims/products of bad taste. We have/had mothers that picked out atrocious furniture and thought their choices were tasteful when they really were horrifying to the point of admitting yourself voluntarily into an insane asylum. We want nice things and to not subject ourselves to tacky/trash/grotesque pieces that will haunt our dreams and thoughts. So… with that said, my husband found an amazing two piece black leather couch set on Craig’s List. (NOW, STOP, I don’t want to HEAR your nonsense. There are amazing things on Craig’s List. You just have to shop and know what you are doing). The set was a couple hundred dollars and I think we made out very well. We are moving into a larger house and although we have a TV, TV stand, and a bed, we are missing crucial furniture like bedroom sets and coffee table. We don’t need a lot of furniture, but we need some things to make the home livable. So we are in the mist of handling that right now. 

I supposed to be making a list to change our address. I shouldn’t probably start that.