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A splash of vanilla
I am a simple person... Therefore, my blog is simply everything I enjoy in my current life.

It is 7a…

-smothers husband with kisses-

Oh yea, that’s how I roll.

Anxiety and wisdom teeth

I haven’t been tumblrin’ very much because… I am having severe anxiety issues with having my wisdom teeth out on Monday. Been having nightmares and stuff of that nature. I hope after they are out and the pain is gone, I will be in a better place. I know… everyone goes through it, but this will actually be my first experience going under. Freaking out. 

Right now I am just pushing through my workouts and eating as healthy as possible. 

Fashion, you have failed me

I am given up. I can’t find a pair of cute, cheap wedges or a nice light brown satchel. :(

Dashboard is dead

Thank you Tumblr. I am not technically sure how you are dead on both my computer and my iPhone, but you are and it is rather annoying. Be that as it may… 

I noticed that I gained a few followers and lost maybe one. I also took into consideration that I haven’t taken the time to explain myself as a “blogger”. 

  • I am not a specified topic, genre blog. I blog/post about everything that may hold relevance in my life or that I find to be interesting, i.e.; health, fashion, cosmetics… stuff of that nature. 
  • I do occasionally post things about my life such as my two babies Adrianna (blonde cat) and Casanova (chocolate wiener dog) or my husband (nerdy, hot dude) who I refer to as “my husband” or my favorite “hubby’s”. You won’t hear me speak about my place of employment because it is private.
  • I don’t permit anonymous commentary on my blog, period. It is painful to watch individuals or peers that may be younger than myself go through such hurtful things because other individuals have this power behind a virtual shield. Therefore, I will not humor it or engage in it. 
  • The material that I post is always credited unless it is a picture that I have taken with my iPhone or camera. My camera is out of commission right now and I don’t have the patience to sit and learn PhotoShop, but I am hoping too over the summer if I don’t return to college. 
  • This is one rule that I live by: If you follow me, I will always follow you back. It may take me some time because I work during the weekends and I cherish what little time I have with my husband, so you won’t find me here. I also post through my iPhone… so you know. If you unfollow me, well, that’s life and I will return the favor. I am about spreading the communication on this platform and I am not about becoming “tumblr” famous. That’s utterly nonsense. If you want fame, sign up for YouTube which is something you WILL NOT see me do.
  • I normally respond to my messages, but I hardly receive anything… right now I can’t because my dashboard is a damn schmuck. 

Me: -catches Casanova eating her EcoTools brush set- Dachshunds are trouble makers. Yup. 

I think that’s it… I have filing to accomplish and I have to work out. I straight up HATE Level 2 of the 30DS. Dead every single time, folks. 

Fun Fact: I failed my driver’s test the first time around, but I oddly remember only passing the parallel parking part (and k turning).

And I really believed since I lived in suburbia where parallel parking is a mere concept or myth that I wouldn’t have to do it, period. Keep in mind I was 18…

And then I was hired by a hospital where all I do is parallel park in order to get a parking spot.

So I want to take this time to thank Subaru for making a “baby legacy”. I can park that car anywhere!


Life is an on-going consuming machine. Some days you are maintaining the hungry beast and other days you’re barely getting out alive. Now, I am not saying that my life is a hungry beast, but it has been a little busy. I am sure once I have restructured my time and train Casanova to a better routine/schedule, I am sure I will return with full gusto. 

I also am not aware of which direction to go next. Spring is right around the corner. We are patiently waiting for Valentine’s Day and other holidays. There is a lot of inspirational elements approaching us, but I am just trying to figure out where I want to go. You know in life, my education, and so on, so forth. 

I will say that I have started the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels about two weeks ago. I am seeing amazing results (and I am continuing to pound down the crap as if I am not on a diet). I am starting to notice a decrease in breast size which is something I wanted. I am a smaller person and there are times where my breasts cause back pain. I am currently on level 2 which kicks my ass every single time I do it. I am not looking to lose pounds. I am looking to become more toned because I am becoming older and I am in the years where I should have weight on me if I plan to have a child or two. My legs are starting to look more muscular. I am very happy I acquired this workout for my collection. -thumbs up- I am hoping in the next month or so I can add on to my workout, i.e.; go running or do Level 1 and 2. 

I hate Subaru of Cherry Hill and I am just going to leave it at that. I hope we don’t have to return the car because they are incompetent and can’t seem to do their mofoing jobs. 

I want to wish you all a safe and Happy V-Day. I don’t think hubbers and I are doing anything special. 

Me: -speaking to the husband- Jer, give me the seltzer to put up here.

Husband: You know we have a step ladder. -not realizing I am standing on the water bottles-

Me: Don’t have time for that nonsense. Will you hurry it up?!? I am afraid of heights!!

Husband: Hu… What? How are you doing that? You are so little. -grumpily helps-

Me: Yea and the plastic on these suck!

Yea to working out!!!!!!

Vive la révolution

Dare I say… let us begin a new trend. 

So many individuals dedicated themselves to the first two weeks of February leading up to St. Valentine’s Day. I understand individuals have strong emotions towards the holiday, but honestly it is another day. 

I know… the comprehension of V-Day being just “another day” doesn’t cut it. I think the day should be about passion and illustrating to others that love is in your life whether it is with someone else or with your family or just yourself, maybe an aspect like your work or your accomplishments, etc… 

We buy chocolates, flowers, and put all this materialistic emphasis on such a particular day that is seems almost absurd. The point of the holiday is to be thankful for what is provided for you and the love that is there that helps you manage through your journey of life. That is one of the amazing aspects of being a human. We are able to take different paths with individuals that want to join us, show us, and gives us the care and love we need. 

What I saying is… instead of throwing all your money down the drain or “pretending” to hate a day because you are a single individual, just appreciate what you have and love yourself, love your friends, and family. It’s that simple, folks. 

-is busy doing dishes and suddenly hears loud little barks from her four month old dachshund-

Casanova is afraid of the world… And randomly he just started barking like he was in charge of the world. I am wondering who taught him to be a guard dog. I am also wondering when he will completely face his fears because after he barks at the door he either runs away or runs to me.

Casanova the wanna be courageous dachshund.

She got it back!

After an “interesting” conversation my husband had last night with Comcast, I magically have internet back. It is more like… Comcast didn’t want to lose the customer to one of its competitors and figured they would try to make the situation work.